In addition to our big events, we have a large number of panels that cover a wide variety of topics related to anime fandom. Join your favorite guests as they discuss their craft, learn how to improve your costumes, discuss some of the deeper aspects of pop-culture, and much more.

In addition to Main Events, we are happy to have our Panels Prime room, two more dedicated panel rooms, our workshop room, and our live events room!

Some of our panels are run by our guests, some by our staff and volunteers. But the majority of panels are run by our attendees!

Panel Submissions for Newcon PDX 6 are now Live! Submit a panel HERE!

Panel Guidelines:



Panels are scheduled to be 60 minutes in length, you may request additional time but it can’t be guaranteed.

Panelists are expected to show up fifteen minutes prior to their panel’s scheduled start time. They are also expected to end their panels on time and a moderator will be present to help keep track of time.



Panels are scheduled according to several criteria. For this reason, we don’t take requests for when to schedule panels. We’ll do our best to avoid scheduling similar panels opposite each other, but we make no promises.

We will attempt to schedule each panel in an appropriately-sized panel room. We have limited space and not all panels can be in our largest panel rooms. We use historical data about panels from previous years to determine which room is the best fit for each panel.

All panels covering mature content matter will have ID checks at the door.





All panelists must be pre-registered for Newcon (or be on Newcon Staff) in order to submit a panel for final approval. Panels will not be accepted unless the panelists that submit them have already secured a badge for Newcon.



You must be at least 16 years old or have a co-panelist that is. No one under 16 may host a panel on their own. If you’re under 18, you may not participate in panels that discuss adult topics. No exceptions.


So that you don’t overload yourself at the expense of your panels, you may not run (or help run) more than six hours worth of panels per year. No exceptions.

Panels will be limited to two panelists. You may have as many people help you with panels as you’d like, but we’ll only provide remuneration for the primary panelist and their co-panelist. There are no exceptions to this rule.



If your panel is accepted, you’ll be expected to run the panel. If for some reason you can’t run your panel, you must notify us at least two weeks before the convention. After that point, your panel will be on the printed schedule and it’ll be too late to cancel.

If your panel is on the printed schedule and you fail to show for your panel, you’ll be banned from running any panels at Newcon in the future. The only exceptions made will be for emergencies, and only if you contact us before your panel is scheduled to begin.

If you have responsibilities that might preclude you from running a panel during specific time frames, let us know on your detailed panel submission. Such obligations might include: volunteering for Newcon, being on Newcon staff, working for a dealer, having a table in Artists Alley, or participating in a major event (e.g. the costume contest).

If you’d like to attend any major events at Newcon, you may choose up to three events in their detailed panel submission. We’ll do our best to avoid scheduling you against those events, but we make no promises.



We are currently restructuring the way we reward people for providing panels, this will be updated prior to panel submissions going live.