New Year’s Eve Dance

We are pleased to announce the headliners for the Newcon New Year’s Eve Dance: Revolution Boi and voia!

Revolution Boi was the first Vocaloid DJ and remix artist in the United States. Whether its Moe Garage, Happy Hardcore, or Anime Trance, Revolution Boi will lay it down with a unique ability to keep the mood flowing.

Voia, known for his EDM remixes of the Undertale soundtrack, is a singer/producer with a focus on futuristic dance music. In the past year Voia has teamed up with record labels Attack the Music, Paper Crane and Maltine Records, as well as music curator Smoothie Tunes to deliver a series of incredible shows and experimental electronic dance releases.

“Sleeping on New York-based producer Voia in 2016 could very well be one of your biggest mistakes this year.” -NEST HQ

Local support from Little Terror and Easterislandhead!