Tabletop Gaming / CCG / LARP

We here at Newcon are extremely excited to be adding not one, but two new rooms this year. One dedicated solely to collectible card gaming and the other dedicated to table top gaming and RPGs! In the past we were able to offer a few tournaments, but starting this year we will offer a much more expansive and diverse array of offerings.


Not only do we have a fantastic room assigned to collectible card gaming, but we will be having a number of tournaments, from Magic, to Yu Gi Oh, to Pokemon, and more. Expect tournaments with prizes and a chance to play with many great players from all around.


Table Top

We have another great room set aside for table top. Not only a room, but a very expansive library of board games from childhood classics to the more niche type games. We will be reaching out to many game developers as well and offering demonstrations and a chance to learn new games. This will be a great room to relax and enjoy a game with friends, or meet new friends to try a new game.  


LARP stands for live action role playing and it is something we are excited to be bringing to Newcon.  We have reached out to many local LARPs to come and showcase what they have. Here is a place you can pick up a padded sword and go with other adventures to conquer orcs, or perhaps become part of the resistance in a dystopian future, or even try to survive a zombie outbreak. Put reality at the door and live your fantasy.