Host a Panel

Panel Submissions are now live for Newcon PDX 6! Submit a panel HERE!


Q: Who can host content at Newcon PDX?

A: Anyone who is attending Newcon PDX can host a wide variety of content such as panels, live events, game tournaments, and much more.


Q: How do I submit my event to be hosted at Newcon PDX?

A: Panel submission forms will be made available later in the year.


Q: When are the submissions closed for Newcon?

A: Panel submission deadlines will be posted when panel submission open for this year.


Q: How old do I have to be to host an event at Newcon?

A: Newcon welcomes events from people at any age but for safety no one under the age of 15 can host an event without a parent, and no one under the age of 18 can host an event without a co-applicant.


Q: Are there restrictions on what kind of content I can host at Newcon PDX?

A: While Newcon PDX is generally an all-ages convention, our content comes with a base MA-14 rating while some content is 18+. This being said, Newcon PDX does not allow events of an entirely sexual or graphically violent nature. Our moderators can and will consult with the event hosts before and during the event in order to maintain our standards. Our moderators have the authority to stop a panel event—ongoing or not—if the content is deemed too explicit or is violating Newcon PDX policy.


Q: What is provided to panelists and other event hosts on an equipment level?

A: Every panel room contains a projector, projector screen, a sound system, and a set of microphones (2-4).


Q: I submitted a panel but found out I can’t make it to Newcon, what should I do?

A: If you have submitted content and will not be able to attend, regardless of you panel being approved yet or not, please contact Newcon PDX’s programming staff and let them know.


Q: How many panelists can I have?

A: We allow up to two panelists to be on the submission form but panels can have as many hosts as your event needs.


Q: Does this cost anything?

A: Submitting a panel doesn’t cost you anything aside from the ticket to attend.


Q: What should I bring?

A: Whatever you need. Outside of the room setup Newcon won’t be providing anything extra. If you’re not sure or have concerns about certain items get in contact with us at and we’ll answer any questions you have.