Dances have been a focus at Newcon since our inception. That is something that has not changed going into our fourth year. We are still dedicated to bringing you the hottest DJs and exciting events. Stay tuned for announcements on the dances we’ll be having at the fifth Newcon!

The Electric Festival

Newcon was founded on the belief that the convention year should be started off with a party. A party that celebrates all fandoms and all people. Given our proximity to New Year’s we think this is the perfect time to bring everyone together. The oldest and first event ever hosted by Newcon was our electronic dance party, and we continue to build upon it every year. This year is no exception!


Newcon Formal Ball


  • Participants in the New Year’s Ball must be registered attendees of Newcon at the time of the ball
  • Coat check will not be provided. Do not bring large props or items that cannot be contained on your person. Purses are allowed within the dance.
  • Dress code must be followed (dress code guidelines are provided below)

The dress code is strictly enforced in order to maintain the feel of the New Year’s Ball event. It is up to the discretion of the New Year’s Ball event managers to decide if attire meets the dress code. If you are unsure about your outfit please feel free to email us at and we will let you know if it is acceptable. We encourage you to send a picture of yourself wearing the outfit in order to best judge if it is appropriate. If a participant’s attire is found to be inappropriate they may be denied entry until it is corrected.


  • The neckline of shirts, dresses etc must be tasteful.
  • Your midriff must be covered. No belly tops, crop tops, etc.
  • Dresses must be knee length or longer.
  • Dress pants are acceptable with a formal top.
  • Military dress and formal kimonos are considered formal attire.
  • Cosplay and Crossplay are acceptable if appropriately formal
  • Shirts must be long sleeved and button up.
  • Pants must be long dress khakis or linen pants (khakis with cargo pockets are not acceptable).
  • Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, torn clothing, etc are not considered formal attire.
  • Large accessories such as weapons or large wings are not permitted