General Cosplaying:

This is the basis of cosplay and is encouraged for all attendees. Our policies on props, costumes, photography, and more can be found here.

Cosplay Rest and Repair station:

Newcon is proud to continue offering the rest and repair station, a place where cosplayers can stop in to touch up a wig, repair a damaged prop, or just take a break from the busy halls of the convention. We will still have a well-stocked room to fix up your props, costumes, and wigs that may need to be repaired throughout the weekend. We keep this room staffed by talented cosplayers to make sure you have a knowledgeable person to help should you need it. We also moved the photo booth to another location so that we can maintain this as a photography-free zone this year.

Cosplay Gatherings:

Fans interested in organizing or attending fandom cosplay meetups can connect on Facebook. Anticipate our enthusiastic cosplay staff to work with you all to schedule meetups and shoots. We can also promise some of our talented staff photographers will attend to capture your fantastic costumes!

Newcon’s Cosplay Contest:

Each year, Newcon holds an amazing contest for all cosplayers with various categories and for various levels of skill. To participate, register your cosplay through the cosplay contest department.

This year our prize packages are furnished by Tokyo Otaku Mode, FUNimation, CrunchyRoll, and others!

Registration for the Cosplay Contest is not quite live yet, but check back in the coming months to sign-up!