The Newcon team works diligently to bring our attendees exciting and talented musicians to be part of our event. We strive to bring music that will delight and surprise our attendees to all of our events. Join us for our concert series and discover a new favorite band (or get the chance to see your current favorite live)!

This year we are happy to have a Nerdcore Hip Hop showcase. The concert will be headlined by Mega Ran. We also have the talented DaRealWordSound opening things up. On top of these two talented artists we are going to dedicate time before the concert for Newcon PDX's first open mic. Get on stage and perform for your fellow Newcon Attendees.

Past Acts

We've been lucky enough to host many great performers over the years. Sharks from Mars, Batmania, The Slants, Spookies, and Troy Baker have all graced our stage!