The Artist Alley and Vendor Hall will be open all three days of the convention. Come check out the fabulous offerings of local artists and vendors!

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Newcon has an amazing mix of vendors every year, and this year is no different! Check out our vendors area for a wide variety of incredible products, services, and art!

For those interested in signing up to Vend in our Exhibits Hall you can find the application link HERE!


The Newcon PDX Artists' Alley is where artisans sell their own works and creations. Whether you are looking for original pieces or fan art, this is the place to go.

For those interested in being part of our Artist Alley you can apply HERE!

This year we are employing a juried FCFS system. What this means is that we will be reviewing each application to make sure the items you are selling fit our criteria for Artist Alley. The jury will not be judging art based on skill level/quality of merchandise.

The following are the criteria the jury will be looking for:

• It must be one artist’s handmade artwork or crafts. If you are sharing tables, make sure it is clear in your application! Proxy selling/agents will not be allowed.
• You must have a working website that showcases your artwork. Tumblr links are allowed, but if we cannot find YOUR work easily, we will skip your application.
• No selling items that go against the convention rules, such as food, weapons, bootlegs, etc.
• Items featuring official logos or predominately stolen/copied artwork will not be allowed. This includes perler bead art that copies game sprites, and ‘upcycled’ items using official artwork in the creation of jewelry/accessories.

Questions? Consult the