Artist’s Alley FAQ

How much does an Artist Alley table cost?

An artist alley table costs $100 and comes with a badge for the convention as well. Additional badges, up to 3, may be purchased at cost of an attendee badge at the time of purchase.


How old do I need to be to have an Artist Alley Table?

You must be 18 years of age before the event (December 29th) to register for Artist Alley Space.


What do I get with rental of table space?

You get one 6′ x 2′ table and liner, along with two chairs per space.


What is the difference between an Artist Alley badge and a regular attendee badge?

Artist Alley badges are needed to enter the Artist Alley hall early for setup. The Artists’ Alley staff uses these badges to make sure that someone has not stolen your space simply by walking up to it and setting up his or her stuff.


How many people can sit behind an Artist Alley Table? Can we have more than one assistant?

There is a limit of two people attending an Artist Alley table at a time. However, you may have more than two people attending a table throughout the show. You may purchase additional Artist Alley badges (during the second phase) for additional assistants.


When is Setup? What hours does Artist Alley run?

There will be early setup on Thursday, January 4th, for Artists. Setup time is TBA.
Artist Alley hours of operation: TBA


Can I get electricity? How about other amenities?

We cannot guarantee amenities such as electricity at this time.


Are there restrictions on what I can sell or use?

Everything you sell must be your own work and your own designs and must not be mass produced.

We no longer accept the following:

Perler beads based on sprites, mass produced fan art plush. Fanart based on IPs that request no fan art (Homestuck, Undertale, Valve, etc).

No food, photographers, or weapons.

No reselling of mass produced work.

Handmade fanart plush, and mass-produced original design plush are allowed

T-Shirts are allowed, ONLY if the art on them is your own, original, non-fanart, work.


Can I sell adult material?

Any artist with adult-related material must have it clearly marked, covered, and supervised at all times to ensure that no minors are viewing it. Naturally, this also means you cannot sell this material to minors. Artists are responsible for verifying the ages of potential customers of this art.


Can I sell fanart?
Fanart is allowed. Please use the following guidelines as you prepare your art:

You are NOT allowed to copy, trace or in any way reproduce (either by hand or machine) an existing piece of art and sell it as your own.

Fanart based on IPs that request no fanart (Homestuck, Valve, etc) is not allowed.


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